Wankin' Basstereo was an experimental punk-industrial band from Indianapolis that consisted of three bassists and a drummer (bass+stereo=basstereo) The evolution of the band and its abnormal instrumentation was the result of accident and experimentation. They received little notoriety and much question their first year before acquiring a small but dedicated following. The music was noisy and fast with keyboards and samples holding together the layered sounds of two and sometimes three basses. Catchy riffs, awkward humor, and pure attitude marked some characteristics of the band accompanied by a live show featuring audience-participation, a fabulous light show, and the unexpected.

During their three years of existence they cut two albums. The first of these was a demo merely titled "DEMO-lition" which was a monument to chaos and recording flubs. Emerging from the recorded muck was the song "Black Lung" which was played on Rock92's alternative show, Brave New World.
A year later, after some member changes, and much practice - the recording of their second album, "Sit on my Bass" began. This album revealed the band's diversity, containing songs from pure punk to a frenzy of hard-core industrial. Songs like "The Forest" and "Death Remedy" were spooky and foreboding while "3-1-2" and "Grim Sleeper" were grungy and driving.
The success of "Sit on my Bass" led to some local and regional touring as well as live radio and television performances. Before serious work could be done on new material, the band sustained several member changes and while searching for a replacement drummer for 3 months, the band drifted apart.

Review From Movements Magazine #2

Wankin' Basstereo
Sit on my Bass

No this is not another Seattle grunge band. A new band out of Indianapolis called Wankin' Basstereo has put out a new demo called "Sit on my Bass". This is an exciting sound made up of three bass players and a drummer... The music has a fast beat and a very enticing sound that makes you feel like you're listening to something Danzig and Minor Threat. I highly recommend getting this demo.
--Andrew Duncan